Also on the Internet is often a bright green laser pointer? Times, and I really have to be flashy or propaganda?
(Sometimes, or what the basis of 50 times brighter!'s Some place that I see a tremendous value)

(Like this)


Than 8 times the first place, what I have to say? ?

REDDOREZAPOINTA mainstream in the past, the 700nm wavelength is near, 670nm, 650nm, 635nm stage in the range of red and is getting shorter.
And with a leap of 532nm Green laser pointer appeared on the green range.

Actually the human eye is sensitive to different wavelengths of light.
Sensitivity of the eye to its wavelength (ie, easily visible), is called the luminosity.
The so-called sensitivity, this is the visible, it's easy!

Luminosity and the peak wavelength at 555nm, which is the maximum luminous efficiency,.
The maximum sensitivity at a wavelength of about 555nm, the sensitivity is going to weaken and draw a curve to the table below.


Relative value relative to the maximum luminosity is the luminosity, called the "International Commission on Illumination (CIE)" is set in the year 1924.

Let extracts compared to the wavelength of the laser pointer.


Red Laser

Maximum sensitivity

Green Laser







Approximate ratio of sensitivity







Wavelength of the laser pointer in the present, the green is 532nm to 555nm sensitivity up to the nearest, most of the higher luminosity!

The standard wavelength of 650nm and compared to the red laser, green laser at 532nm luminosity ratio of 8 times!

This is a green laser pointer見易I eight times, is the basis of KYATCHIKOPI say! !
The eight-times higher sensitivity, 8 =, =, 8 times brighter times見易I reason, I say.

However, the sensitivity of said changes in the environment and individual differences, actually.
(And look closely at the cover, so the standard is △ △, using expressions like)

In what conditions does the sensitivity (= be easily visible) would change?

1) visibility in bright light of the sensitivity surrounding brightness, visibility is best known as 555nm. This is consistent with the peak complex, also known as complex vision.

The luminosity of the luminosity in a dark place in the dark, the shorter the wavelength of 510nm and maximum sensitivity. This is consistent with the peak of beetle, beetle, also known as eye and body.

2) compared to Japanese men and women of the nature of gender differences, men and the specific wavelength of color difference of mixed red and green, I hate to feel.

3) the difference between the racial nature of the problem is due to differences in the amount of melanin pigment in the eye by race, with light blue eye color and less melanin than dark eye color handed a night vision, and there are different theories of color and feeling.

4) changes in the nature of the young age is easy to recognize the blue wavelengths are relatively short and the elderly are easy to recognize the long-wavelength red.

5) The inherent nature of the disorder, also known as color vision and color blindness, by type,辛KATTARI recognize the long-wavelength red, painful and may recognize the shorter blue wavelengths.
Maximum sensitivity at around 555nm, almost the same.

It may have also been considered to speak for these very complex, and generally the standard, the sensitivity is the reason for the story.

There can be different depending on the contrast between objects and more.
If the red background, red laser found in the natural hot looks pretty clear that the green laser in the opposite color.
(Of course, the same is true of the reverse)

And various and too complex and too much thinking.

But I still見易I, green laser pointer! !
With a glance if you come!

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