Why did insects come to light?

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happiness flashes green, do you have seen the green flash?

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Is brought to light the neon and the evening, Walla Walla and businessmen come together out of nowhere.
Not to leave and pretty, even when FURAFURAFURAッand roll all the time around the neon.

Aspects, where we gather to light the story of the insect.

And around a street lamp and light at night, insects are less active NBBU ~ ~ ~ is on the jump and NッNBBU.


吸I寄SE insects during the day and not the sun, they are吸I寄SE and streetlights at night and why? GURUGURUGURU there and fly it?

Insects and the human eye is very different.
In the insect compound eye and in the types of monocular, monocular and the gnats, mosquitoes and flies and moths and have a compound eye.

The compound eye of insects is weak eyesight, the shorter the wavelength of 300-400nm to determine the position may depend on the ultraviolet light of a habit.
For the compound eye of insects and are easy to set it to ultraviolet light.

Is the wavelength the human eye recognizes the RGB, and insects in the longer wavelength of red, not aware of the R, GB + UV, and recognition.
So these insects, and people are looking at the world of different hue.

From fluorescent lights have a variety of wavelengths.
The human eye is visible in visible light, color and light as a summation of multiple wavelengths of light will look like a whitish color.
But the fluorescent lights are also many out ultraviolet fact, on the corner street lamp at night and close to only ultraviolet light source, the insect is that it had been pulled? I like to say that the common belief.
Using habits of insects like this in reverse, and insecticide products in the electrical BACHIBACHIッ誘KI寄SE is generally in the ultraviolet light, insecticide, which has seen the light and active in summer I think there is.

Late-night convenience store in the summer, so the only light source for insects, gathered outside a convenience store comes with a fly Walla Walla.
So get out of the convenience stores are often purple-tinged light, the lamp is equipped with an insecticide, BUNBU - I had dared to誘KI寄SE and the insecticide and the BACHIBBACHIBACHIッ.

But the lights have evolved a bright light source for illuminating the human, decreasing the amount of ultraviolet light coming from itself, the worm引KI寄SENAI the first place! I like to have a say.

BACHIBACHIッand do not like neon in the city of people, many careful.

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Articles in same category

happiness flashes green, do you have seen the green flash?

Fluorescent color or bright? Next →

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