Lasers are also good drawing!

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laser and LED ago but different

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What color laser and I know I can draw pictures or objects?

If you draw a picture and the physical contact is limited and there is absolutely precise, they can differ significantly by level of difficulty and the object shape and softness.
But if the laser is performed in non-contact, such restrictions are not bound by it.

The laser etching (Laser Etching, and the REZAENGUREVINGU (Laser Engraving), and the REZAGUREVINGU (Laser Graving), and the laser marking (Laser Marking), etc., there are a variety of names .

The laser processing, if the translation is to make more high-powered cutting and translation and draw a picture like this and adjust well in the weak output.
The material of the object as well as output, you will become an important element of the laser wavelength used.
In general, the economic 10.6μm of high-power CO2 laser and I like to use, goods and high reflectivity of the metal I like short wavelength 532nm green laser is used.

From here, you can see how far I can draw pictures of objects like concrete!

Plastic (resin)

This black plastic is very easy victory in the easy win.

Metal (Metal)

Aluminum enclosure, Apple's iPhone描KEMASU the back of the painting!

Nevertheless it is favored by Apple users to customize.


Here is a glass painting glass!

And glass is fragile, so it is safe if done in a non-contact laser.


Here are the data transfer photos to a board of wood!

It is a beautiful high-definition by any measure.


Hora also to the fabric as this!

Leather (leather)

I like the DAJARE, BATCHIRI leather is still compatible with the laser.

If the people will have to complete a painting that depicts the繋GI one line in one hand.
But if the robot is drawn to a combination of a set of points on the horizontal axis, and the process is different if the person at all.

The question is what do you draw the way, it is interesting to watch.

More easily if you want one for home use is? ?

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Articles in same category

laser and LED ago but different

Touchdown in American football is a laser pointer! ? Next →

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Various laser pointer and a small hard.
The store security if you buy it anyway!

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