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19 February, 2009

Of a green chalkboard but why? Why the "green" I do not say! !

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What is it?黒KATTA blackboard? It looks blue or green light? What is green vegetables, but青KATTARA really do not want to eat?
Why's genuinely green, I do not say! ?

Tags: strange color

Now is the illusion of a color in the Color Magic. May become unable to believe my eyes further.

Tags: color, visual

Summer is cool and white is what's true? I understand if you think of color from the light!

01 April, 2008

Three attributes of color

Posted by: admin In: the color from the light | various colors

The three attributes of color, some say. Are there any lightness, hue, saturation, or the like.

The three primary colors of light, you heard that? Then, the three primary colors, or colors may be heard?

What's the color they create? Actually, the color is light, I have created. So that's when the light's color, is XXX, and X is the color, the more I see the reason.

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