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Do we understand correctly the law relating to the laser pointer?

13 May, 2008

Insects Why come to light?

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We insects BUNBBUNッflit around the streetlights, and in the evening. Why? Insects attracted to light up?

Laser pointer to crack down on dangerous law. Unfortunately I have a version in between have been left behind, however.

Age of the Internet now. You can see quite clearly about the products being sold overseas. Drats, laser pointer only sold in Japan is why they sell more?

Laser pointers are illegal, dangerous, are still seen everywhere. The stores also sold on the Internet, who's winning? No, the punishment of our system and we have a legal right.

29 March, 2008

Laser class

Posted by: admin In: Mystery of laser | Basic Laser | Do you know about the laser pointer? | Expertise in laser pointer

The Laser class, you know what? In order to distinguish between risk and power and wavelength, the laser has a variety of classes, I have been every administration.

07 March, 2008

Vision of you, to restore the laser

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PRK or LASIK surgery or no surgery or hearing things? It is also a leading laser eye surgery to cure them.

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Like the knife, while the laser pointer be useful, depending on how the piece will be at risk. Here is how the incident was an accident or whatever you used to get a referral for a while and teachers.

In the Internet world, the ultra-HAIPAWAREZAPOINTA蔓延っproducts are illegal and dangerous. Not only are they violating the law, we will take down the evil but also to those around you, Beware!

There are twists and turns in the life of the laser pointer.

The high-power, high output, or that I find on the Internet, laser pointer. Please buy it! There is a risk I throw away the rest of your life! !

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