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If the laser without damage to the outside, says Ken Hokuto face God only inside (!) Can be processed.

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18 April, 2008

Whether virtual or real? 3D laser scanner that creates a world of

Posted by: admin In: Mystery of laser | commercial applications of laser | industrial applications of lasers | tricks, techniques published凄scoop! !

Now TV is still a world of two-dimensional picture, if you scan the laser in the real world, on all real and virtual 3D would be a reproduction, the world will be lost if the real is that? is there anymore.

Can be a hero in the movie as well. The laser gun撃CHIMAKURE the enemy! Hit!

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08 February, 2008

The dream that floated in the air video and 3D laser projector

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This world of the future in movies anymore. All images thanks to the laser will be in 3D?

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If you have a laser pointer will IRANAKU PC mouse operation! ? Now, the operation and I do Whoa寝SOBERI away?

If the laser-based instruments, also enjoy not only the ears, and浸REMASU immersed in fantasy world.

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